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What's TAG Day?

TAG (Thanking All Givers) Day shows students the impact of donations on our campus. Gold tags are placed around campus signifying buildings, programs, etc. that were made possible because of the generosity of our University donors.

How can students support TAG Day?

  • Thank alumni, faculty, staff and friends who are donors as they are supporting your education.
  • If you are graduating this year, participate in the Graduation Gift Program
  • On TAG Day, find a tag and take a photo for a chance to win a free t-shirt.*
  • When you are an alumnus, be sure to give something back when you are asked.

Why are donations important?
Donor giving percentages affect the University's national rankings and foundations and corporations consider the percentage before awarding grants and large gifts to Texas Wesleyan. All gifts, of any size, truly make a difference!

*The first 100 students to post their tag photo using #TXWESTAGDAY get a free t-shirt. One t-shirt per student.


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