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What is the Graduation Gift?
As a graduate you have an opportunity to leave your legacy at Texas Wesleyan and to say thank you to individuals who have helped mold your college experience.
The Graduation Gift isn’t just about raising money.  It is intended to raise alumni participation percentages and strengthen the value of the Texas Wesleyan education.

What do the Graduation Gift donations support?
The Graduation Gift supports a scholarship fund for fellow Rams in need of financial assistance. This scholarship is awarded at the end of each academic year.

Why support the Graduation Gift?
There are many reason you should support the Graduation Gift, including:

  • All gifts, regardless of size, make a difference. We encourage our graduates to give $25. If you want to step up your giving level, for gifts $100 and more, you will receive a brick in the Donor Brick Walkway in front of the West Library.

  • 88% of Wesleyan students receive some form of financial air, so making your Graduation Gift allows you to “pay it forward” for future students.

  • A higher giving percentage increases the university’s rankings, enhancing the value of your degree. U.S. News and World Reports factors alumni/student giving in their yearly rankings, so when you give back the world takes notice!

  • To show our appreciation for your generosity, you will receive two certificates of appreciation, a commemorative tassel, recognition at your commencement ceremony and recognition on the donor honor roll.

Will my gift of $25 really make a difference?
Yes, every gift counts.  The more money raised, the more we can give back to students. Currently, the graduation gift scholarship is awarded to one student. Wouldn’t it be great to raise enough to give multiple scholarships?  If 100% of graduates donate just $25, we will raise over $12,000.

Why does the Graduation Gift support the University and not a structural object?
The Graduation Gift benefits our most important asset; the students. Our students are way more important than any bench or fountain. We want to support students while they continue their education and utilize Wesleyan’s Smaller. Smarter. initiative.

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