Giving Opportunities

Texas Wesleyan would not be where it is today without the generosity of our alumni and friends. With your support, the flame of Texas Wesleyan glows brighter each day. Learn more about our giving opportunities below.


Endowed funds are one of the most important sources of support for private education today and are invested as capital. A portion of the earnings is spent each year in support of University operations; the remainder is added back into the principal, ensuring steady growth of funds. Endowed funds create a foundation for fiscal growth and stability, while generating a reliable portion of each year’s operating income.

Planned Giving

Throughout its long history, Texas Wesleyan has been blessed by the vision and planning of so many benefactors. We recognize the names – Mulkey, Armstrong, Oneal, Sells, and Waggoner – individuals whose belief in the school and whose commitment to the mission of education called them to plan for the future.

Planned gifts make an extraordinary difference in the lives of students and Texas Wesleyan University is deeply grateful to those who have proven that a gift from the heart enriches the spirit.

Tribute Gifts

A gift to a charitable organization is a wonderful way to recognize someone of importance in your life. Tribute gifts celebrate relationships as they impact the educational experience that students and faculty share on our campus each day.

Wesleyan Fund

Texas Wesleyan University has a great tradition of helping students succeed, thanks in part to support of the Wesleyan Fund. The Wesleyan Fund is a fund raising priority for the University and is dedicated to providing institutional scholarships and program support for our students as they pursue their degrees from Texas Wesleyan.

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