Special Groups

Did you marry your TW sweetheart, add a Future Ram to the family or send that Future Ram to your alma mater? If so, we want to know your story. The Special Groups of Baby Rams, Rams2 and Legacy Families are another way for you to connect with the University and other alumni. Learn more about the group(s) that best fits your story.


We want to know about the future Rams in your family. Email your baby or kid photos to alumni@txwes.edu, sharing your child's name and birth date (for babies) along with parents' names and Wesleyan graduation date(s). To celebrate your future Ram, the alumni office will send a gift and will also feature your photos in the Wesleyan magazine. 


Are you and your spouse both Texas Wesleyan alumni? If so, we want to know!
Email your story today to alumni@txwes.edu!

Legacy Families

Legacy family connections are an essential part of Wesleyan's history, and we hope you'll encourage your family members to attend Texas Wesleyan. If you'd like to share your own legacy family connection, send us your story via email to alumni@txwes.edu.



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