President’s Ambassadors Overview

The Texas Wesleyan President’s Ambassadors (PA) work hand in hand with the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations to raise awareness about student initiatives and the impact of giving back to Texas Wesleyan; uphold University morale and pride; and support the University at presidential and other special events. 

Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Desire to help support the mission of the University
  • Interest supporting Texas Wesleyan and promoting University pride through the alumni office’s student initiatives 
  • Good academic standing with the University
  • Attendance at meetings (at least once/semester)
  • Volunteer/Work University events
  • Involvement in at least one University-sponsored organization prior to nomination
  • Abide by the code of conduct as specified in the University Student Handbook and act in a professional and responsible manner as an ambassador
  • Assist with miscellaneous tasks – this may include Facebook postings, emails, presenting to student organizations, reminding peers to participate, etc.


Apply to be a President's Ambassador through the TXWES Alumni Office by filling out the form below:
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * Name:
2 * Email:
3 * Phone:
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5 * Major:
6 * Expected graduation date:
7 * GPA:
8 * Days available to participate in activities:

9 * Times available:

10 * Organizations on campus involved in:
11 * Off-campus extracurricular activities:
12 * Please list two TXWES faculty references: